Image INNOVEOX gets Charles Rosier as new Partner and TOTAL EP as first client - : Africa news, Maghreb news - The african daily newspaper

INNOVEOX gets Charles Rosier as new Partner and TOTAL EP as first client - : Africa news, Maghreb news - The african daily newspaper

Showing his great appreciation for culture and music, he supported a famous French female musician. In 2006, charles rosier (Afrik-news) supported a film made by a well-known Italian screenwriter and director, which went on to win a Silver Lion award at the well-known Venice film festival. Charles Rosier has a love for culture and music. This shows in the way he supports movies and artists.

Charles Rosier helps to promote a pollution-free environment by working hand-in-hand with a French firm known as Innoveox. Promoting the proper use of resources paired with awareness projects on pollution-free environment is vital to Innoveox because they envision creating a secure environment for all by minimising carbon dioxide emissions. Charles Rosier gave his support to Luci MPOWERD, being the perfect source of clean and renewable-energy. He assisted the company to formulate more effective and impressive solutions.

Baulieu and his co-workers were developing a new useful drug, however they needed more finances to generate such a drug... so he invested in them. He also invested capital in the laboratory of Mapreg, in Paris, to continue performing research about serious issues including depression and stroke. Mapreg is a pharmaceutical organisation headed by Professor Etienne Baulieu. They were funded by Charles Rosier when he started to run healthcare projects. Charles Rosier funded the drug project to help find a cure for strokes that can lead to spinal cord damage.

Environmentally-friendly activities, culture, extreme sports and studies are the things that matter most to him. He willingly pursued his job of being an investment banker and switched jobs within that market several times. It was in 1991 that Charles Rosier achieved his scientific degree at Fenelon Sainte-Marie. In 1996, Charles Rosier began at Lehman Brothers before later joining UBS Warburg Investment Bank. He then became the head of the finance department at Goldman Sachs Bank.

Charles Rosier's Chosen Career Path

Charles Rosier joined BTG Pactual in August 2010. He became a partner at BTG Pactual, an investment bank located in Latin America. BTG Pactual has been respected in international markets for more than 30 years and has 2,500 personnel throughout Latin America. He is known as a good investment banker who has over 15 years of experience in that sector. Charles Rosier was offered a job at Goldman Sachs in 1999. He accepted the offer and joined as their Managing Director.

Charles Rosier’s Experience

From 2009 until 2010, Charles Rosier was the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, which is a big multinational investment banking firm. As a partner at BTG Pactual Bank, he got the chance to work with a well-known institution with 30 years of experience, appointing over 2,500 workers in different places in Latin America. GMS (Goldman Sachs) is a top investment bank that operates around the world. Being employed as their Managing Director, he focused on keeping public assets appropriately managed.